Magnetic Dashboard Car Mount F1 – 360° Magnetic Universal Car Phone Holder


  • ⭐Put your phone away while you drive. It’s really easy for to use this product I. It’s quick to mount, easy to use while driving, and can withstand any bumpy conditions no matter what. This 8 magnet phone mount that attaches to your car dashboard, ensures that even your heavy Galaxy S8+ will stay put when placed on the mount. The new driving law requires you to use a hands free device while driving, but there might be emergencies when it is necessary to use your phone. It’s important to get yourself a handy phone holder that is dependable and will let you easily reach your device every time.

  • ⭐ Most smartphones, including the iPhone 7 Plus, can be securely mounted on this vehicle dashboard mount. The 8 magnets that hold it to the device are very strong and will keep your phone in place. No need to worry about your phone not staying put or falling off the car mount while you’re traveling on rough roads. This Magnetic Dash Mount Mobile Phone Holder System is a high quality system with strong magnets that offer a secure hold to your phone on the go!

  • ⭐Installation is quick and simple on your car’s dashboard. Choose the best location for your device, clean the surface of your desired location, and attach the dash mount with included adhesive strip. Better than a suction cup that easily falls off so you no longer have to worry when driving! Our car mount attaches securely to you vehicle’s dashboard so it doesn’t block your view. It’s also low-profile and easy locate a place to fit. We use the most durable materials in manufacturing our cell phone holder mount system. With its custom make, you can be confident that it will last for a long time.

  • ⭐HOLDS APPLE & SAMSUNG SMALL TABLETS TOO! Driving for a living and having a tablet are luxuries that you wouldn’t want to be without. Now your tablet can be secured to our heavy duty car docking station right on your dash. The weight of a small tablet is no issue for the 8 Hexadymium magnets! One component of our solution is an adhesive metal plate. This system is by far the best way to make a trip with large smartphones and/or small tablets.

  • ⭐30-Day Return Policy – Return Any Item Anytime.

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 Product information:

Applicable models: suitable for mobile phones below 6.5 inches
Applicable scenarios: car center console
Color: business black
material: plastic
Product size: 60*24*19 MM

Packing list: 

1*mobile phone holder

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 39 cm



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