Bitdefender Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2024 Deals: Get Top Antivirus Protection at Huge Discounts

Bitdefender Selection - Total Security, Family Pack, Internet Security, Antivirus Plus and Premium VPN

As our digital lives become increasingly intertwined with technology, having robust cybersecurity measures in place is an absolute necessity. Malware, viruses, and cyber threats are ever-evolving, putting our personal data, financial information, and online privacy at constant risk. This is where a reliable and powerful antivirus solution like Bitdefender becomes invaluable.

Bitdefender has long been hailed as one of the best antivirus software providers in the industry. With cutting-edge technology, real-time protection, and multi-layered security features, Bitdefender offers comprehensive safeguarding for all your devices against even the most sophisticated threats.

The exciting news is that Black Friday and Cyber Monday present an unbeatable opportunity to secure Bitdefender’s top-tier antivirus products at massively discounted prices. These huge annual sales are the ideal time to invest in premium cybersecurity while taking advantage of amazing deals and savings that can span over 60% off regular pricing.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about GoGoDigital’s Bitdefender Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions for 2024. From past examples to predictions for the upcoming sales, we’ll ensure you’re fully prepared to snag the best antivirus protection at the lowest possible costs.

What to Expect from GoGoDigital’s Bitdefender 2024 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

GoGoDigital are driven to consistently offer incredible deals during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays as well as all year round. Last year, customers could get up to 70% off our Total Security Bitdefender premium antivirus packages, along with attractive bundle offers and free months of protection added to longer subscriptions.

For example, in 2023 the Bitdefender Total Security suite was discounted from £69.99 down to just £19.95 for new customers for the first year. But better still EXISTING users could also take advantage of this incredible offer and renew at the same low price of £19.95 per year. The Family Pack bundle offered even greater savings at 60% off.

Based on these past promotions and Our crazy history of competitive Black Friday/Cyber Monday pricing, we can expect to offer similarly generous discounts and money-saving offers for 2024:

  • Up to 70% off Bitdefender’s top antivirus packages like Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, and the full Total Security suite
  • Free months of protection added to longer multi-year plans (e.g. 15 months for the price of 12)
  • Heavily discounted bundle deals on multi-device/family antivirus plans
  • Special pricing for current Bitdefender users to renew subscriptions at a low rate
  • Limited-time coupon codes or stackable discounts for even greater savings

With Black Friday occurring on November 29th in 2024, be sure to mark your calendars and get ready to take advantage of Bitdefender’s inevitable wave of unbeatable sales and discounts on award-winning cybersecurity.

Top Bitdefender Products to Look Out for During Black Friday

While Bitdefender offers a wide range of cybersecurity solutions for home and business users, there are a few key products that typically see the biggest discounts and highest demand during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Here are the ones to watch out for:

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus
As Bitdefender’s entry-level antivirus package, Antivirus Plus provides essential malware protection, anti-phishing, web attack prevention, and ransomware remediation. It’s an excellent basic option for safeguarding PCs and mobile devices.

Bitdefender Internet Security
A step up, Internet Security adds webcam protection, anti-spam filtering, firewall, parental controls, and Bitdefender’s powerful anti-tracker software to block invasive data miners. It offers comprehensive security for everyday internet use.

Bitdefender Total Security
The flagship Total Security suite is Bitdefender’s most robust product, jam-packed with premium features like anti-theft for locating missing devices, file shredder, secure browser, and optimisation tools. Its multi-layer protection covers every possible angle.

Bitdefender Family Pack
Perfect for households, the Family Pack provides any combination of Bitdefender’s Antivirus Plus, Internet Security or Total Security on an unlimited number of devices under one discounted license and centralised online management.

During Black Friday, expect to see steep discounts of 50% or more on these leading Bitdefender packages, especially for the first year of new subscriptions or bundles. Multi-year and family/household plans will likely offer the biggest dollar savings.

Why Bitdefender is the Best Antivirus Choice

Bitdefender’s antivirus products routinely earn top marks and recommendations from leading independent testing authorities like AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, and SE Labs. The company’s software consistently achieves perfect or near-perfect malware detection rates while allowing very few false positives.

What really sets Bitdefender apart is its advanced behavior-based detection capabilities powered by machine learning. This allows Bitdefender to identify and block even new and unknown threats before they can cause damage. Combined with multi-layered ransomware protection, anti-exploit capabilities, and vulnerability assessment, you get complete peace of mind.

Another major strength is Bitdefender’s minimal impact on system performance. Unlike many competitors’ bloated antivirus suites, Bitdefender’s cloud-based malware scanning and seamless integration ensure fantastic system speed even during full scans.

From a usability standpoint, Bitdefender gets high marks as well. The interface is highly intuitive with customisable security profiles and one-click virus scanning. Advanced users will appreciate the wealth of granular controls and monitoring capabilities.

Bitdefender also deserves kudos for its excellent multi-platform support across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The security provider offers apps for virtually every device you may need to protect under one unified subscription.

With unbeatable malware detection, low system impact, user-friendly design, and robust cross-platform coverage, it’s no surprise that Bitdefender is the antivirus solution of choice for over 500 million users worldwide. Grabbing the chance to purchase this superior protection at Black Friday discount prices is an opportunity not to be missed.

How to Get the Best Bitdefender Black Friday Deals

With Bitdefender’s outstanding protection capabilities and Black Friday discounts of up to 70% off, you’ll want to act quickly to secure these limited-time deals before they expire. Here are some tips on how to get the steepest possible discounts:

The first step is to bookmark THIS PAGE our official Black Friday/Cyber Monday landing page as early as possible. This is where all the promotions, coupon codes, and limited-time offers will be aggregated once the sales go live around November 25th, 2024.

It’s also a good idea to sign up for our email newsletter beforehand. Oftentimes, we will send out exclusive coupon codes and early access to deals for subscribers prior to Black Friday itself.

When browsing the deals, pay close attention to bundled multi-year and multi-device/family subscriptions. While the upfront costs may be higher, these packages offer the most savings over the long run compared to annually renewing single device licenses.

However, the very best Bitdefender deals tend to get snapped up extremely quickly by eager customers. Set a calendar reminder and prepare to pull the trigger swiftly once the sales go live to avoid missing out before inventory depletes.

By following these simple tips and acting decisively, you’ll be perfectly poised to capitalise on the steepest possible price drops and secure premium, award-winning antivirus protection for a steeply discounted rate.

Alternatives to Bitdefender (and How They Compare)

While Bitdefender is firmly established as one of the top antivirus choices available, it’s always prudent to explore the competition as well, especially around major sales events like Black Friday when promotions abound. Some other major players in the antivirus market include:

Norton Security
A longtime staple, Norton is expected to offer attractive bundle pricing on Norton 360 Deluxe and Premium plans during Black Friday 2024. However, independent tests show Norton’s malware detection lags behind Bitdefender’s while having a moderately higher system impact.

McAfee Total Protection
McAfee typically counter-programs aggressive Black Friday deals to compete. While affordable, McAfee has middling malware detection test results versus industry leaders like Bitdefender. The interface is also clunkier.

Kaspersky Internet Security
This Russian-based antivirus software will likely undercut premium vendors on pricing for Black Friday. However, Kaspersky lacks some of Bitdefender’s advanced AI capabilities and has faced bans by some businesses/governments over security concerns.

While those alternatives are worth considering, especially if pricing is your sole priority, the consensus from experts is that Bitdefender continues to offer the most complete, potent, and well-rounded antivirus protection money can buy.

Bitdefender pulls ahead with best-in-class malware detection via multiple behavior-based machine learning models. It achieves excellent malware blocking while allowing very few false positives that plague some competitors’ overly aggressive detections.

The combination of CPU prioritisation, cloud-based scanning, and overall lightweight footprint mean Bitdefender runs circles around many rivals in terms of minimising system slowdowns. And the sleek, user-friendly interface design keeps even premium functionality simple.

Most importantly, Bitdefender has never faced the privacy and security scandals that have plagued certain brands like McAfee’s redundant “high-risk” app removals or Kaspersky’s data sharing allegations. You can trust Bitdefender’s world-class protection and privacy bona fides.

While sales from other vendors are worth keeping an eye out for true bargain hunters, for most users seeking premium, proven antivirus security, Bitdefender is the clear value choice, especially with its steep Black Friday discounts.


As we approach the biggest shopping events of the year, Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales represent an unparalleled opportunity to secure top-tier cybersecurity at prices even the thriftiest shoppers will appreciate.

We’ve covered everything you need to know – from Bitdefender’s pedigree as one of the most awarded and highly-rated antivirus engines in the industry, to its robust yet lightweight multi-layered protection capabilities that keep even the latest threats at bay without bogging down your system’s performance.

With jaw-dropping discounts of up to 70% off Bitdefender’s premium antivirus suites like Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security, and the Family Pack, there has quite literally never been a better time to invest in comprehensive, battle-tested digital security and privacy safeguarding.

However, these deals will be extremely limited in duration and supply. Bitdefender Black Friday promotions have sold out rapidly year after year as consumers clamour for these rare chances to get the best antivirus software at the lowest possible pricing tiers.

Mark your calendars for November 29th, 2024 when Bitdefender’s Black Friday sales kick off. Sign up for the company’s email list, bookmark the official deals page, and prepare to move swiftly to snag the discounts you want before someone else beats you to it.

With advance preparation and a keen eye for bundle and multi-year values, protecting all your devices with Bitdefender’s elite cybersecurity solutions will be a breeze this upcoming holiday season. Don’t let these legendary savings pass you by!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the Bitdefender Black Friday sale:

  • When Does It Start?: This year the Bitdefender Black Friday sale starts Fri, 29th Nov 2024.
  • How Long Does It Last?: You can enjoy the discounts for one to two weeks.
  • Included Products: The sale includes various Bitdefender products, such as Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security, and the fantastic Bitdefender Family Pack.
  • How to Access Deals: Visit our dedicated Bitdefender Collection to explore the sale, add products to your cart, and apply any available promo codes to save on your purchase.

More Ways to Save

In addition to our Black Friday sale, there are other ways to enjoy savings on Bitdefender products all year round. You can sign up for our Newsletter which will mean you get all offers, discount codes and news before anyone else!

We hope this article has provided valuable insights into the Bitdefender Black Friday sale. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to use the LIVE CHAT feature below.

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